We reviewed the installs that have happened through your affiliate id, and have concluded that all these installs in your App Installs Report under the "Disapproved" filter option were flagged as ineligible for referral fees. Based on the investigations carried out by our Fraud Investigation team, a rigorous data check was done for the Flipkart mobile app installs happening through your affiliate id. Using the industry standard parameters used for checking the authenticity & quality of app installs(due to the proprietary nature of the way we make these determinations, we can't share the full list of criteria by which we detect these ineligible installs), it has come to our knowledge that a all / majority of the Flipkart app installs done through your affiliate id are fraudulent / low quality.


Please note that we hold the right to check the quality of traffic & installs being served by our affiliates and the right to suspend their account or withhold payments if we we find any fraudulent stuff. This is mentioned in point no: 1 in the T&C's (http://www.flipkart.com/s/affiliate/terms) -"Please note that we hold the right to check the quality of installs being served by our affiliates and the right to suspend/disable their affiliate account or withhold payments if we observe any fraudulent stuff happening through your affiliate id. Under such circumstances we hold the right to terminate/disable your affiliate account and/or withhold all pending affiliate commissions with immediate effect without any prior notice."

You have violated the Terms of Use of Flipkart Affiliate Program by promoting Flipkart app installs through unethical / fraudulent means. Violation of the Terms of Use of Flipkart Affiliate Program is viewed very strictly and under these circumstances we even hold the right to terminate your affiliate account from Flipkart Affiliate program. In case any such repeat violation (fraudulent / low quality app installs) is observed through your affiliate id, we will be disabling your affiliate account with immediate effect (including withholding all the pending affiliate commissions).